Brave Cat Trade now recruiting members!

We are a social guild with an emphasis on community, trading and group events - based on EU PC Megaserver

This is an amazing community full of wonderful individuals whom are always looking to help each other out.

There is no joining fee or weekly fee we only ask you to try and sell a few things each week, if not feel free to donate to the guild bank, every 1K also gains you one ticket into the weekly lottery!

We are a member of united Trading Alliance [UTE], providing us safety for a stable Guild Trader.

Of course you can join regardless which Alliance and Race you play.

Heat on Scales - our Trader in Rawl'Kha
...with weekly sales of >35 Million

We've got it All!

We have weekly Trials, Cyrodiil Events and Fishing Groups. See our Calender for detailed Info.

We also organise several special events with quizzes and scavenger hunts, where you can win some awesome prizes!

Our weekly Highlight is the Lottery with mindblowing prizes up to 2,5 Million gold. For just 1.000g (equals 1 ticket) you can participate already.

Join Today! know you want to

Feel free to contact the Leader in game via whisper or letter:

  • @Zolexi

or simply use this form.

NEW: We are currently looking for members for our Vet Trial Group! See more Info here.