Brave Cat Trade your Team in battle!

We are looking for reinforcements!

You enjoy a good Challenge?

You seek the battlefields and plan ahead?

You don‘t want simple zerging and headless-chikening around but prove your worth with advanced tactics?

Then apply here as a PvP Member for advanced Warfare today!

Assemble your Group of Badass Fighters!

Did running normal Dungeons or even veteran Dungeon became repetitive and boring to you?

You've already been several times in normal Trials and you are fascinated by the thought of leading your own team to battle?

Apply as Leader for normal Trials and show us that you're the born Tactician!

Fill out an application here!

The real Challenge is yet to master

We have recently started to recruit players for this especially challanging aspect of the game.

What you need for that is:

  • Good knowledge of your role/class
  • Patience
  • Teamspeak
  • Reliability for raidtimes
  • Willingness to prove your DPS in a test

Good players but new to trials are of course welcome to apply as well.

Be a part of "The Burning Panthers" and fill out an application here!